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SAW CoG 159Reg hs62.tif
Company G 159th Regiment during the Spanish American War

Sey B&O sl47.tif
Baltimore & Ohio SW Railroad Train, Seymour Indiana

Arvin Emp 1956 tm2.tif
Arvin Industries, Seymour West

Arvin T&D  1955 tm8.tif
Seymour North die setter Jim Royalty working on a shell wrapper designed by the Seymour North workers.

Sey Water Plant Dam fv19.tif
Dam and Pump Station at Seymour

Sey Fair 1897 Svnr 1 hs94.tif
Seymour Street Fair of 1897. A street scene

Ger Flying Wing ff34.tif
Once at Freeman Field, Seymour, Indiana, for evaluation, a German Horten 229 Flying Wing is unloaded from a train in August 1945 to await restoration at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.

Link Trainer ff43.tif
Seymour, Indiana: Soldier, possibly among the Tuskeegee airmen once stationed at Seymour, takes a turn on a Link Trainer at Freeman Field to learn instrument flying

Miller Farmhse Runquist ff22.tif
Seymour, Indiana: Once the farm home of Chester Miller, this became the residence of the Freeman Field base commander, Colonel E.T. Rundquist

Bz Rocket Open Hse ff11.tif
Freeman Field Army Open House in April 17, 1946 with Dean and Margie Wintz and daughter in front of B-2 rocket

Sey Water Plnt Int ea68.tif
Unidentified worker & child with machinery at Rockford on the White River.

Sey Water Plant ea69.tif
Pump Station at Seymour

Sey Baptist Ch iw43.tif
First Baptist Church in Seymour, Indiana

Bartlett Amelia H ch4.tif
Portrait of Amelia Hunterman Bartlett, ca 1900

Seymour PL 1926 ch21.tif
Seymour Library in 1926.
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