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footage of the construction of the library in Medora, Indiana, filmed between April 1991 and February 1992; includes ribbon cutting ceremony on January 18, 1992

footage filmed between April 1991 and September 1992 documenting the renovation and expansion project of the library in Seymour, Indiana

segments from Cable News 2 about the construction project that included the expansion and renovation of the Seymour Public Library and the construction of branches in Crothersville and Medora; includes footage from a hearing on the project

Construction Crew Distant.JPG
construction crew for the 2005 Jackson County Public Library Seymour remodeling project; from left: Rodney Mull and Claude "Chip" Facemire of North Vernon Electric; Dunlap and Company Job Site Superintendent Tom Cutter, along with his crew: Clyce…
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