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Robertson Millers 1937 pr40.tif
Roscoe Melvin Robertson and sons at the Ewing Mill in the summer of 1937; left to right: Dick, Buck, and Joe; photograph taken with a Rolliflex 6x6 camera

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Sey Hodapp Hominy sb6.tif
plant A of the Hodapp Hominy Company; text "MILLERS WHITE CORN GOODS" on building

Hominy Mill pr57.tif
hominy mill

Sey Hodapp Hominy sb5.tif
plant A of the Hodapp Hominy Company

Farmers Hominy Mill hs143.tif
Farmers Hominy Mill in Seymour, Indiana

Farmers Hominy Mill hs144.tif
Farmers Hominy Mill on left, unmarked building on right

Seymour Mill pr54.tif
brown card with black and white picture of two buildings (Farmers Hominy Mill on left, building on right not marked) and with the following text in red or green: "FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE ELEVATOR CO. SEYMOUR -- Phone 94 -- INDIANA FLOUR, FEED, GRAIN AND…

Helt's Mill ea83.tif
Helt's Mill on Sandcreek, looking east


Helt's Mill gj120.tif
postcard depicting Helt's Water Mill; includes the text "HELT'S WATER MILL, NEAR SEYMOUR, IND."

Grist Mill at Freetown.
Gristmill in Freetown, Indiana

Farmers Hominy Mill Seymour, In
Farmers Hominy Mill in Seymour, Indiana
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