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Seymour, Indiana: W 2nd E of Chestnut about 1910: Interurban car a block west of its barn

Two gentlemen standing outside of The Bee Hive, a local variety store in Seymour, Indiana


Second Street looking West from Terminal Station

The Interurban Station located in Seymour, Indiana

Workers are barely visible near the working face of this shale quarry, possibly the one near Shields although another existed in Carr Township

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Seymour, Indiana: S side Laurel St. at W side of railroad tracks: Ahlbrand Carriage Company, c1913
Ahlbrand Carriage Factory in Seymour, IndianaS side Laurel St at W side of railroad tracks

William Imlay, at left in eyeglasses, stands with crew at a garage (possibly Imlay's, Kidwell's or Hopewell's)

Workers standing around a truck for the Seymour Poultry Company

east side of US 31, grocery decorated for John Mellencamp video shoot

Uniontown, Indiana: E side US 31, Moseley's Grocery, Grace Moseley & Jewel Carpenter

Angel Hill Cemetery.jpg
A postcard of Angel Hill Cemetery

Blue Bird Cafe.jpg
A postcard of the Blue Bird restaurant

Burcham's Round Barn.jpg
A postcard of Burcham's Round Barn

Chestnut Street, Seymour.jpg
A postcard of Chestnut Street

Fort Vallonia Days Aerial.jpg
a postcard of an aerial view of Fort Vallonia Days
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