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1899 Public Library Directors and Librarian: W. P. Masters, C. C. Frey, Miss Lucy Boake, J. W. Conner

Steinker Threshing sb1.tif
1899 Wind Stacker advertisement from Fredric Steinker, Jonesville

Cvl Fair Aircraft st24.tif
1900's Crothersville Fair with early flying machine. Fair officials were (from left) Mitchell Lett, Billy Goecker and William S. Brock who was known as America's youngest aviator.

Sauers Conf Class 1903 gs12.tif
1903 Confirmation Class at Sauers Church.

1905 Seymour Public Library front

JC Jail gj52.tif
1908 Jackson County Jail in Brownstown, early before the addition

Flood Rockford  1913 ps49.tif
1913 flood around Rockford, Indiana

Flood 1913 Rockford ls4.tif
1913 flood at railroad bridge at Rockford

Flood 1913 ps53.tif
1913 flood in Jackson County

Flood 1913 ps52.tif
1913 Flood in Jackson County

Flood 1913 ps51.tif
1913 flood in Jackson County

Flood RR Rockford 1913 ps50.tif
1913 flood in Rockford, Indiana

Flood at 6th Street Road in 1922, possibly in Seymour - from Florence McClure,  bw 3.05x2.1
1922 Flood in Jackson County

1928 inside the children's department

1928 library addition
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