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Surprise McKain Store hs119.jpg
a view of the exterior of McKain's Store in Surprise, Indiana, from 1951

Cortland West sl22.jpg
a view looking west in Cortland, Indiana

Cortland East sl21.jpg
a view looking east in Cortland, Indiana

Construction Crew Distant.JPG
construction crew for the 2005 Jackson County Public Library Seymour remodeling project; from left: Rodney Mull and Claude "Chip" Facemire of North Vernon Electric; Dunlap and Company Job Site Superintendent Tom Cutter, along with his crew: Clyce…

McKain Store in Cortland, Indiana, in 1941
a man and the back end of a car in front of McKain's Store in Cortland, Indiana, in 1941

Cortland Grocery built in 1868
the front of Stahl's Grocery in Cortland, Indiana

Brownstown, IN NE corner of Courthouse Square Lucas Feed Store 1920s, Livery barn until at least 1915, wagon, blacksmith & printing shop 1887
the Lucas Feed Store; The building at the northeast corner of the Courthouse Square in Brownstown, Indiana, was a livery barn until at least 1915 and a wagon, blacksmith, and printing shop circa 1887.

Bicycles line West Second in front of the American Legion Post, probably 1950s. The Grubb house in background later became business offices. Former Hunterman residence in far background became physician offices. North side of West Second Street at Walnut in Seymour IN
bicycles lining the north side of West Second Street near Walnut Street, in front of the American Legion Post

Stuckwisch Round Barn BB 20091106.jpg
the Stuckwish round barn

German Methodist Church.jpg
the German Methodist Church in Seymour, Indiana; has text "210. German Methodist Church, Seymour, Ind."

Crothersville Lumber Company.jpg
five boys and a dog in front of the lumber company in Crothersville, Indiana

Crothersville ball park view.jpg
railroad tracks crossing a dirt road with two women and a man on it; has text "BALL PARK VIEW CROTHERSVILLE, IND."

Craft Tannery Vallonia 1857.jpg
man standing in front of a craft tannery in Vallonia, Indiana


Cortland High School.jpg
the high school in Cortland, Indiana

Central Christian Church.jpg
the Christian Church on North Chestnut Street in Seymour, Indiana
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