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annual yearbook documenting the 1941 Vallonia High School school year

Fort Vallonia Sign.jpg
sign for Fort Vallonia with the text "1811 FORT VALLONIA FORT VALLONIA DAYS - 3rd WEEKEND IN OCT."

Fort Vallonia.jpg
the entrance to Fort Vallonia; sign at entrance with the text "FORT VALLONIA"; sign on roof with the text "GARRISON HOUSE"

Joe Jackson Hotel.jpg
the Joe Jackson Hotel with five people standing in front in Vallonia, Indiana; has text "J. Jackson Hotel, Vallonia, Ind. 'Most Modern Hotel in Jackson Co.'"

Vallonia 1915 Homecoming.jpg
A Homecoming in Vallonia, Indiana

Vallonia Indiana, Street scene 1890
Main Street, Vallonia, Indiana, in 1890. Horse and buggy tied up to the hitching post in front of a store.
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