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1956 employees of Bundy Brothers Milling Co., L-R Mr. Henson, Snooty Smith, Bo Robinson, Charles Schwein, Hershey Hatchee. From E.M. Smith.
Bundy Bros Grist Mill in Vallonia

Vallonia Canning Co. in 1912, discontinued in the late 1950's.
Canning plant at Vallonia, IN circa 1912-1914

Vallonia 1915 Homecoming.jpg
A Homecoming in Vallonia, Indiana

Joe Jackson Hotel.jpg
the Joe Jackson Hotel with five people standing in front in Vallonia, Indiana; has text "J. Jackson Hotel, Vallonia, Ind. 'Most Modern Hotel in Jackson Co.'"

Fort Vallonia.jpg
the entrance to Fort Vallonia; sign at entrance with the text "FORT VALLONIA"; sign on roof with the text "GARRISON HOUSE"

Fort Vallonia Sign.jpg
sign for Fort Vallonia with the text "1811 FORT VALLONIA FORT VALLONIA DAYS - 3rd WEEKEND IN OCT."
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