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Congregational Church and Parsonage, Seymour - from Garvin Jennings
Seymour Congregational Church, Seymour IN

Methodist Church - from Elaine Allman, 3x4 bw
Seymour American Methodist Church and Rev. Maddux

St. Ambrose Catholic School, located on South Chestnut St. - from the Seymour Tribune
St. Ambrose Catholic Church, Seymour IN including school and convent

Presbyterian Church, established 1855 at the corner by the National City Bank, Seymour, Indiana. - from Polly Schneck,  bw 2.46x3.61
Seymour Presbyterian Church including Little Rev Henry Missionary and Polly Schneck

First building of First Methodist Church , Second and Ewing, 1898, Seymour - from Elaine Allman, bw  4x5.75
Seymour Methodist Church at Second and Ewing

First Christian Science Church at 321 N. Chestnut. This building was replaced by the new Post Office. - from Garvin Jennings
First Christian Science Church, Seymour IN

St. Paul United Church of Christ, owned by Elizabeth Rebber, Seymour - from Elaine Allman, 4.25x3.25 bw
St. Paul German Church at Walnut and Tipton, Seymour IN
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