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Sey Lynn St Skl ea46.tif
The Goodwill Center at 208 S. Lynn Street, Seymour with Rev. Edgar F. Maddex and Rev. Blanche Maddex Smith

4-H Balloons bb47.tif
4-H'ers giving out balloons at the Jackson County Fair

Taxi vs Train Wreck.jpg
Postcard reads: Auto Taxi Wrecked by P.R.R. Train, 2 miles North of Seymour, IND. No = 2 Mack = foto Opp. New P.O. BLDG. Seymour , IND. (Opposite New Post Office)

Wood Cutting jh3.tif
Wayne Hal and son James cutting wood with a cross cut saw. It was to be used by 2 men.

Loading fish from tanks to truck at Driftwood State Fish Hatchery. The picture is from 1995.

FV Visitors 2001 fv27.tif
Crowd at 2001 Fort Vallonia Days.

FV Museum fv32.tif
Exterior of Fort Vallonia Museum, Vallonia, Indiana, in 2001.

Rev. John and Marilyn Tangeman and family, served as pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church - Borchers from 1957-1962.

St. Paul Lutheran Church, dedicated in 2009

annual yearbook documenting the 1968-1969 Crothersville High School school year

REMC 1938 tr12.tif
The first headquarters of the REMC in 1938

annual yearbook documenting the 1926-1927 Brownstown High School school year

annual yearbook documenting the 1963-1964 Brownstown Central High School school year

1971 Medora.pdf
annual yearbook documenting the 1970-1971 Medora High School school year

annual yearbook documenting the 1978-1979 Seymour High School school year
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