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Hosp Planners tr210.tif
Hospital Planners Left-Right 1._______Hamilton, 2. Gary Meyers, 3. George James

Flynn P Nurse tr162.tif
Phyliss Flynn, RN

Cummings Dr DJ hs151.tif
Dr. Daniel Joseph Cummings 1878-1959

CCC Camp Btown hs79.tif
Veteran Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Co. 1556, Camp 555 Brownstown, Indiana

CCC Camp Btown hs80.tif
Capt. Ewyn T. Wisk, FARes Commanding Officer of the Civilian Conservation Corps Camp in Brownstown. Photo includes the Infirmary and the barracks.

WPA Workers Cvl fs85.tif
Works Progress Administration Workers in Crothersville

WPA Wagon hs226.tif
Civilian Conservation Corps Camp wagon, exterior view

WPA Wagon hs227.tif
CCC Camp wagon, exterior view

WPA Wagon hs228.tif
The interior of a Works Progress Administration wagon at Civilian Conservation Corps Camp

JC Poor Farm hs83.tif
Jackson County Poor Farm in the 1900's

JC Poor House 1971 dl9.tif
Jackson County Home for the Aged and Poor on E. Walnut and Jackson Streets in Brownstown, IN. In 1971, (date of photo), the building was 120 years old and had 12 residents. In that same year, the county council voted to cease operation.

JC Poor Farm gj54.tif
Jackson Co. Infirmary, Brownstown

Poor Farm pr28.tif
Jackson County Poor Farm in Brownstown, Indiana circa 1866

Cvl 4July Flag hs127.tif
Fourth of July in the early 1900's. Crothersville, Indiana, presents a living flag - left side

Cvl 4July Flag hs128.tif
4th of July living flag at Crothersville - right side
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