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Bivouac ff27.tif
Freeman Field troops marching to Bivouac Area, World War II

Sey German Lutheran 1913 iw57.tif
German Lutheran Church and School in Seymour, Indiana, on the corner of Tipton and Walnut

Seymour Church of the Nazarene.jpg
A postcard of the Church of the Nazarene in Seymour, Indiana

Newry Iron Bridge iw024.tif
Newry Bridge between Seymour & Carterville

Btown HS gj55.tif
Brownstown High School in Brownstown, Indiana

Arvin Emp 1956 tm5.tif
Arvin Industries, Seymour North

Arvin Welder 1953 tm9.tif
Harrison Hayes operates the Yoder welder in the Seymour West plant.

Arvin Bender tm10.tif
Virgil Russell, Arvin Industry - Seymour North Operating a Pines Bender 1955

Arvin Emp 1956 tm6.tif
Arvin Industries, Seymour North,

Arvin Emp 1956 tm3.tif
Arvin Industries, Seymour South

Arvin Emp 1956 tm4.tif
Arvin Industries, Seymour South

Arvin Boys Clb 1956 tm7.tif
Boy's Club Birthday Cake

Arvin North Pk Lot tm23.tif
New parking lot for Seymour North

Arvin Q Bldg 1953 tm22.tif
The Quonco building at the Seymour West plant adjoins the engineering hanger at Freeman Field.

FFA bb6.tif
FFA Forestry Group, Jeff McElfresh, Rob Millman, Curtis Skaggs. Crops - Ray Peters, Tony Wesner, Mike Tatlock, not pictured, Randy Bobb. Poultry - Frank Fisher, Jackie Hayes, Jeff Lubker, Jeff Fisher, Greg Patton.
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