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Fort Vallonia Days Aerial.jpg
a postcard of an aerial view of Fort Vallonia Days

Fort Vallonia Sign.jpg
sign for Fort Vallonia with the text "1811 FORT VALLONIA FORT VALLONIA DAYS - 3rd WEEKEND IN OCT."

Fort Vallonia.jpg
the entrance to Fort Vallonia; sign at entrance with the text "FORT VALLONIA"; sign on roof with the text "GARRISON HOUSE"

Joe Jackson Hotel.jpg
the Joe Jackson Hotel with five people standing in front in Vallonia, Indiana; has text "J. Jackson Hotel, Vallonia, Ind. 'Most Modern Hotel in Jackson Co.'"

W 2nd E of Chestnut about 1910: Interurban car a block west of its barn
a view of East Second Street in Seymour, Indiana, circa 1910; has text "East Second St. Seymour, Ind."

Ahlbrand Carriage Company.jpg
a color drawing of the Ahlbrand Carriage Company in Seymour, Indiana; includes text "HOME OF BUILT-TO-WEAR BUGGIES, AHLBRAND CARRIAGE CO., SEYMOUR, IND."

Austin Can Company.jpg
the American Can Company in Austin, Indiana; includes text "AMERICAN CAN COMPANY AUSTIN, INDIANA"

Brownstown Canning Plant.jpg
the canning plant in Brownstown, Indiana; includes text "BREGSTONE P.T.V. NO 7"

Brownstown High School.jpg
a card depicting the high school building in Brownstown, Indiana; includes text "High School Building, Brownstown, Ind. 703 AA SHEPARD & SON PUB"

Brownstown HorsePulled Car.jpg
a wheeled vehicle pulled by two horses and driven by an unknown man in Ewing, Indiana

Brownstown Railroad Depot.jpg
the Brownstown railroad depot in Brownstown, Indiana; includes text "RAIL ROAD DEPOT BROWNSTOWN IND. BREGSTONE P.T.V. NO 6"

Central Christian Church.jpg
the Christian Church on North Chestnut Street in Seymour, Indiana

Cortland High School.jpg
the high school in Cortland, Indiana

Craft Tannery Vallonia 1857.jpg
man standing in front of a craft tannery in Vallonia, Indiana


Crothersville ball park view.jpg
railroad tracks crossing a dirt road with two women and a man on it; has text "BALL PARK VIEW CROTHERSVILLE, IND."
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