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Austin Can Company.jpg
the American Can Company in Austin, Indiana; includes text "AMERICAN CAN COMPANY AUSTIN, INDIANA"

Thompson Ralph tr142.tif
C.A. Jackson presenting Gold Medal award to retiring President. J. Ralph Thompson


Crothersville ball park view.jpg
railroad tracks crossing a dirt road with two women and a man on it; has text "BALL PARK VIEW CROTHERSVILLE, IND."

Brownstown HorsePulled Car.jpg
a wheeled vehicle pulled by two horses and driven by an unknown man in Ewing, Indiana

segments from Cable News 2 about the construction project that included the expansion and renovation of the Seymour Public Library and the construction of branches in Crothersville and Medora; includes footage from a hearing on the project

Med Canning Tower js15.tif
people, horses, and pumpkins at the bottom of the canning company's water tower while a man stands atop the water tank in Medora, Indiana; includes text "Canning Plant Tank Medora Ind"

Brownstown Canning Plant.jpg
the canning plant in Brownstown, Indiana; includes text "BREGSTONE P.T.V. NO 7"

Central Christian Church.jpg
the Christian Church on North Chestnut Street in Seymour, Indiana

Craft Tannery Vallonia 1857.jpg
man standing in front of a craft tannery in Vallonia, Indiana


Crothersville Lumber Company.jpg
five boys and a dog in front of the lumber company in Crothersville, Indiana

Davis Feed and Grain N. Chestnut St., Seymour, In
Davis Feed and Grain on North Chestnut Street

Davis Feed tr27.tif
Davis Feed and Grain on North Chestnut Street

W 2nd E of Chestnut about 1910: Interurban car a block west of its barn
a view of East Second Street in Seymour, Indiana, circa 1910; has text "East Second St. Seymour, Ind."

Farm Bureau Co-OP W. Second St.
the Farm Bureau Co-Op on West Second Street

FarmB Coop tr31.tif
the Farm Bureau Co-Op on West Second Street
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